Click Experts

a digital agency that specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and represents several global brands.

Online Visibility Strategist

Click Experts work closely with clients to help create content marketing strategies, improve digital presence and generate more business through SEO.

We specialise in Content Marketing for blogs, press releases, social channels and e-commerce. 

We do comprehensive Keyword Research to provide high quality, relevant and helpful, short and long-form content, written with the brand goals and SEO strategy in mind.

We were recently featured in an 8th Grade English Textbook case study about skills needed for careers in content marketing.

Click Experts helps brands to reach more people with content that makes search engines and readers happy.

Analyse your site to evaluate numerous factors that impact your ability to rank in search engine results pages or SERPs.

Every piece of content is optimised to improve your search engine ranking and support your business goals.

Understand how to find, choose, and use relevant keywords. Best SEO tools and How to structure content for SEO.

Get your website on top in search results by using On-Page, Off-Page, Local and Technical SEO.

What Clients Say


"She is very professional but friendly and takes time to explain terminology that aren't easy to understand to make sure I understood what I needed to do to drive more traffic to my website. After a 3hour session, I now feel as though I'm somewhat an SEO expert: which just goes to show the effectiveness of her training. Would I recommend her services? Without a doubt!"
Sheila Knowles
Podcast Studio, London
"I have enjoyed the professionalism, responsiveness, availability to assist with my requests and honest communication, and the willingness to always help. Since I started working with you I have felt valued and respected as a client."
Jeanette Raletooane
Strategist, South Africa
"Click Experts is not only really knowledgeable about SEO but is also knowledgeable about digital marketing as a whole. They broadened my own knowledge in our consultation call more than I thought possible. Bonus, she's also a really friendly and professional individual"
Claudia Emanuel
Pinterest Strategist, Italy

Website Revamp and Branding

If you are looking to build a new website or improve your current one, we can help…
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