How to Make a Podcast Media Kit

Are you thinking of creating a podcast media kit but don’t where to start? If you want to grow and monetize your podcast, it is essential to have a media kit that is updated regularly.

Some podcasters create media kits or work with me pages on their websites, and others opt to create a downloadable pdf which they send out to potential clients and guests.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to create your own podcast media kit, what you should include, and to make it easy you can download our free podcaster media kit template to get started with!

What is a Podcast Media Kit

A media kit for podcasters is a one-page document with information that a potential guest or sponsor might need about your podcast. Its created by a podcaster to help prospective ad buyers evaluate advertising opportunities. 

A podcast media kid usually includes a short description of your podcast, types of ad formats, audience profiles, contact information, plus anything else that helps advertisers make informed decisions. 

Why you need a Podcast Media Kit

Podcast Media Kit

These are some things to consider including in your podcast media kit:

Podcast Introduction

A podcast media kit needs to include a summary of your podcast – what is the podcast about, who is the host, what is/was the problem they were trying to tackle? It can be as short as two sentences or a couple of paragraphs long.

Podcast Social Media Stats

Include your average downloads per month and the number of people who follow, like, or subscribe to your content. The most popular social media platforms for podcasters are Instagram, Clubhouse, Facebook, and Twitter. 


List out key stats regarding your target demographic. Include answers to questions like:

  • Who is your primary audience – age, gender, 
  • Where are the listeners from – you will find this data in your podcast analytics.
  • How long do they listen to your episode – if you have 30 minute long episodes, do your listeners listen to the whole episode of the first  10 minutes.
  • Why do they listen to your podcast – what value does your podcast add? what kind of problems does your platform solve?


Have you ever been interviewed or featured in an article, radio, tv, or another podcast? Has your podcast has received any awards or nominations, you will want to mention these accolades. Press Features and awards are social proof! 

Contact Information

You want to supply people with your email address so they can contact you for interviews or advertising opportunities.

Podcast Media Kit vs Podcast Rate Card

If you have plans to monetize your podcast, you need a Podcast Rate Card. Your media kit and rate card are different.

Some podcasters have asked should I include rates in my media kit? This is optional.

Podcast advertising rates are usually priced on a CPM model (cost per thousand impressions). These numbers are certified downloads an episode receives. Prices can range from $15 to $200 CPM, and therefore the more downloads your podcast gets, the more you can charge. 

Podcast Media Kit Sample

Before sending off your media kit, research the brands/representatives and personalize your message like you would when sending out a cover letter for a job application.

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