Travel Blogger: Success Story

A Travel Blogger client created her blog in 2018, and 3 years later she contacted us to determine how they could best improve their SEO. While their content received tons of traffic from social media like Pinterest, SEO was a weak spot for them and an overall strategy was needed to diversify their traffic sources.


We focused on Training, Content Improvement, Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis, and Technical Improvements

  1. A full technical SEO audit was completed to ensure the website was free of any toxic backlinks, on-page SEO best practices were followed and Google Search Console issues were solved.
  2. Keyword research and competitor analysis became a top priority. This travel blog needed to focus on more competitive keywords with higher search volumes that would drive just as must traffic as their competitors.
  3. We focused on providing SEO training and best practices which resulted in content improvement for past and future articles published on the website.
  4. We contribute new content for our travel blogger client. – 2 x 1000 word blogs
  5. Link Building: Guest Post and HARO


SEO Results - Travel Blogger

Our work with our Travel Blogger started in April 2021 and has continued to improve since.

Total Traffic: 1 April 2021 – 1 Jan 2022

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