Why does my business not show up on Google? [And How To Fix It]

Show Up on Google

If your business doesn’t show up on Google, then you’ll have to start by letting Google know that you exist!

If people search for your business name, products, or services, and you don’t show up on Google First Page, Google My Business, or Google Maps, then we have a problem.

There are many factors that can impact why your business does not show up on google.

Show Up on Google

Does Google Know You Exist?

There are millions of websites and people creating content online daily. Showing up on Google can not only provide your business a lot of exposure, but it’s social proof that gives your brand prominent placement in local search engine results.

A strong online presence goes far beyond creating a website with your business name, adding a list of products and services, and your contact information. It entails developing a virtual point of sale where customers can obtain relevant information on your website and connect with you online.

Why Your Business Doesn’t Appear on Google

If you’re having trouble showing up on Google search results for your products or services, here are some things to do:

Optimize Your Website

As an SEO Specialist, one of the main questions I get from clients is “How do I optimize my website for Google?” 

It starts with researching keywords, competitor analysis, and content planning.

In our business, content is king. An increase in programmatic ad revenue, bookings, and audience are directly impacted by content output. Therefore, growth is what our business needs.

Things to take into consideration:

  • Bounce Rate: The percentage of visitors that leave your website after viewing just one page. I’ve shared a guide on how to decrease your bounce rate.
  • Low-Quality Content:

Get Verified on Google My Business

If your business does not show up on Google, you can create a Google My Business account. Add your business information: your business description with relevant keywords, pictures, link to your website, directions to your offices/shop, phone number, and store hours. 

This makes it extremely simple for potential customers to see all of the business’s important information. A Google My Business profile helps to increase your website or business’s visibility and can greatly improve your local SEO efforts.

Create Social Media Accounts 

Social Media is a great way to reach and engage with your target audience and potential new customers. You want people to find your website, but if they don’t find that, it’s best that they naturally come across your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or other social media platforms.

For example, look at the clothing brand Keep Nature Wild. When you search their name, only the first result is actually from their website/business. The next three are all from their active, professional social media profiles.

While there are businesses that can survive without social media, social media marketing can be a great way to reach your target market.

Register Your Business with Google Search Console

GSC is a free tool that allows businesses to ensure their websites are being indexed by Google. You can develop a new website and post content and sure, Google might stumble across your website organically someday, but if you want to speed the process up and (ideally) appear in search results sooner, it’s smart to register and request for Google to index every time you upload new content.

If you just launched a new website, visit Google Search Console and select your property type, then “add property.” Search Console will walk you through the process of adding your domain, then provide you with relevant information such as how many people are clicking on your website, keywords you are ranking for, etc.

Customers get information through search engines and the internet is an unrivaled source of data. You have the option of hiring professionals who can help you establish an online presence based on their knowledge of factors ranging from the latest algorithms to search engine codes. Marketing your business online constitutes your website, SEO, and strategic use of social media.

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